Climate Change. In todays world with ‘hundred year’ storms,

flooding, droughts and wildfires, no-one can deny that climate change is already upon us. Whilst there are a myriad of ways to help us keep down fast rising CO2 levels, renewable energy is an obvious long-term solution to replace polluting fossil-fuels. The UK has committed to having 20% of all electricity production from renewable energy by 2020.

Electricity Security. The UK power grid will be at full capacity within the next 18 months and will require £bns of upgrade investment just to ensure electricity reaches your home. Coal-fired power stations are being forced to shut down and so supply is dwindling. Local electricity generation such as solar will ensure your community has power.

Reduced Costs. If you are a major energy consumer we will tailor the solar system design to fit your consumption levels and should be able to reduce your electricity costs by ~ 50%.



Are you making the most of your land? We offer you the opportunity to;

a) Re-assess your land’s potential for increased earnings
​b) Earn inflation-linked income for 25 years, hands free
c) Rest your land, graze your sheep, create a bio-diverse habitat
d) Generate electricity from a renewable source for your local community

e) Significantly reduce your electricity costs if you are a major energy consumer 

why solar power?

Our 2020 targets can come from a number of renewable sources ranging from wind to solar and biofuels however we believe solar is the most appropriate solution because it is;

a)    Unobtrusive. There are over 5000 acres of solar in the UK, but you don’t notice because we ensure it is not visible.

b)    Quiet. None of our sites surpass 35db at the fence.

c)    Healthy & Clean. Solar panels contain no nasty chemicals and emit no nasty chemicals, toxins or pollutants that can damage you, your neighbours or the planet

d)    Regular. Despite the rain, irradiation levels in the UK are actually relatively constant and follow a regular annual pattern so electricity output can be closely predicted.

​e)    Abundant. The entire world’s electricity demand could be supplied if we covered just 4% of the deserts in PV, and the sun is due to last another 5 bn years.